Scenic Flights

There is no better way to truly see the 7th Natural Wonder of the World than by air! Fly above the Great Barrier Reef and see the incredible coral cays, turquoise ocean and Green Island, the only cay with a rainforest in Far North Queensland.

Observe the mountain ranges covered in gorgeous rainforest, and Barron Gorge, with its beautiful waterfall.

Great Barrier Reef Flight

A fantastic 30-minute helicopter ride above the Great Barrier Reef will ensure you see this Natural Wonder in all of its greatness! Observe the coral reefs, tropical islands and sand cays.

To ensure smooth operations, bookings up to 6 passengers depart from the helipad near the Cairns Pier.

$415 per person


Vlasoff Sand Cay

Take your loved one for a flight above the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef then make a stop at Vlasoff Cay. Enjoy a perfect 2 hours snorkelling around the cay, then a beautiful picnic under a beach umbrella with a bottle of sparkling to share.

$949 per person

Reef Hopper

Discover the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef on a 40-minute scenic flight onboard a small plane. Departing from Cairns Airport, this tour features Green Island and the magnificent Great Barrier Reef.

Courtesy return bus transfers between airport and Cairns City.

$259 per person

Reef & Rainforest

To fully appreciate the beauty, variety, and sheer scale of the natural landscapes in the Cairns and Port Douglas region, you must take to the air.

This area is unique in that it is home to two UNESCO World Heritage Listed sites, the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropical Rainforest, which exist side by side. From the air, you can witness the seamless merging of coral reefs, tropical islands, sand cays, and lush rainforest covered mountains, along with vast river systems and seasonal waterfalls, all offering breathtaking views as far as the eye can see.

$415 per person (45min)

$715 per person (60min)

Coral Cay Bubbles

Romance is in the air! Take your loved one for a journey to explore the reef from the skies, then elevate your visit to the Great Barrier Reef by including a 30-minute stop at the breathtaking Vlasoff Cay as part of your inner reef scenic tour.

After landing at your destination, step out, dip your feet in the water, feel the sand under your toes, and indulge in a glass of bubbly on this one-of-a-kind paradise.

$625 per person

Hot Air Balloon

An unforgettable experience awaits while you fly with a Hot Air Balloon above the beautiful Atherton Tablelands and watch the sunrise over the mountains.

Special moments will be captured by your pilot while you're up in the air and your photos are all included.

Once landed, you experience the fun of packing up your aircraft then get to indulge in sparkling wine, juice and morning tea.

$440 per person*

*Age limit is 4 years old

Zoom around Cairns

There is only one way to see an entire city and that is by air! Take this fun 10-minute scenic flight above Cairns, Trinity Inlet, and Admiralty Island.

$175 per person


Rainforest Reef Duo

On this incredible 60-minute experience you will see the Great Barrier Reef, Barron Gorge and Falls and some of the most spectacular tropical beaches where the rainforest meets the reef.

$725 per person


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